What Should Be The After Cleaning Maintenance Of Carpet?

Carpet cleaning is a very complex process where every dirty particles & stain are removed from the deep fiber of the carpet. Professional cleaning is always better than a simple vacuuming of carpet. So after a professional cleaning, it is now your duty to keep it clean & smell good for a long period but only a few can actually make it happened. Here are some of the tips for after cleaning maintenance for long-lasting cleanness.

The carpet looks stunning, soft & new immediate after a professional Carpet Cleaning. The glazing carpet will last for a few days and after that, it started pale in look. This is the time when actual after maintenance works requires to clean carpet. Unless the cleanness of your carpet is never last long.

Below are some of the processes of carpet maintenance after a professional carpet cleaning service?

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Make a Vacuum Schedule:

After a professional cleaning, it does not guarantee that these are not getting dirty again. It is the duty of the carpet to get dirty. But it is you who need to keep it clean. So after a cleaning session, a regular vacuum cleaner is enough to prevent the dust from getting into the carpet and contaminate the carpet in the future.

Avoid Using Wet Carpet:

After a liquid carpet sanitization, the carpet remains wet for 12-24 hours. In this period leave the carpet to get dry, never use it when it is not getting dry. In most of the cases, we do some liquid Carpet Cleaning Services on our own and use it in that condition. Now, this habit is going to be deadly for your carpet. If you want the carpet will take care of you then you should take care of your carpet too.

Using Carpet Slipper:

You may think that your foot is softer than any carpet slipper. But it is not the hardness that actually damages your carpet but the oil secrete from your feet is responsible for your carpet getting dirty. This biological oil attracts more dust, bacteria & germ to your carpet and quickly it look muddy. So always use a carpet slipper to walk over your home or office carpet. This single habit will increase your carpet life.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Trained Your Pet Well:

If you are having pets in your home, no matter how often you clean your carpet it will become dirty very quickly with the pee & urine of your pet. So to avoid this problem you have to train your pet well. Make a habit of pee & urine at the outside of the home or outside of the carpet area. The pet wastes are having germ & bacteria which require carpet disinfection for healthy use.

Besides, there is another serious problem with your carpet from your pet. Almost every pet has pointed nails on their jaw and these nails responsible for carpet tearing even in the normal walk of your pet. If there is any carpet related problems feel free to call us at 1800 173 334

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