What is the Difference between Steam Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Nowadays, carpet cleaning is becoming an essential service for specifically if you have kids and pets. However, a carpet is a commodity that easily captures dust elements, and getting it thoroughly clean is a major concern of many homeowners.

Well, there is nothing to worry about as there are many carpet cleaning companies present to assist you correctly. Moreover, it’s not good to wait until you experience a dirty carpet rather cleaning it on regular basis will maintain its appearance.

On obtaining a fresh-looking carpet you will attain a soothing atmosphere making your surroundings odour-free.

Most importantly, there are two methods utilized for cleaning carpet known as Dry or Steam carpet cleaning. However, if you don’t know anything about these methods then this blog post is for you.

The information mentioned over here will describe to you the difference between dry cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth services.

Defining Steam Cleaning:

Steam Cleaning makes use of steam for loosening and eliminating dust elements from carpets. Moreover, there are many companies offering carpet steam cleaning Perth but the concept is similar for everyone.

The steam cleaner does not utilize any hard chemical, however, makes use of steam for cleaning the carpet thoroughly. In case, you desire organic cleaning then this technique is the right choice.

Furthermore, this method is perfect for use on tough surfaces carrying dust, pollutants, and many other harmful elements.

Defining Dry Cleaning:

Dry carpet cleaning is different in comparison with steam carpet cleaning. The process of dry carpet cleaning does not involve any usage of liquid. However, the professional makes use of power carrying specialized cleaning chemicals.

Once inserting the chemical is inside the carpet then it is vacuumed thoroughly for giving it a fresh look. 

What is the difference between both techniques?

There are few differences among the advanced carpet cleaning methods and some are mentioned below:

Dry carpet cleaning utilizes powder while steam cleaning makes use of liquid.

The process of dry carpet cleaning begins by spreading powder all over carpet fibers. However, steam cleaning uses steam from the start to the end of the entire process.

Dry carpet cleaning requires less moisture that lessens the drying time. Moreover, the drying time is quite long when utilizing steam cleaning as the steam holds moisture in big quantities.


Both techniques serve their benefits while dry carpet cleaning is becoming more popular as it shortens the drying time. Furthermore, steam carpet cleaning is best when the requirement is to clean hard stains and you can afford a longer duration.

You can choose any one of them as per your preference and attain a tidy carpet dust-free. If you want to hire professional carpet cleaning services then book an appointment today.

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