What is the best thing to get stains out of carpet?

Carpet stains are so annoying that it can sit very easily on the other side it won’t go easily. Stains not only ruin the look of your beautiful carpet, but also it ruins the precious fibre of carpet from its root. This damage can never be repaired. But here it doesn’t end, stains cause even more worse things like , it creates mold as well. For that germ, bacteria, viruses sit onto your carpet. Slowly the number increased. One small stain can cause you a lot. But thankfully there are few methods to remove stains from your carpet. Let’s discuss that –

There are different kinds of stains we can see on our carpet, like pet stain, blood stain, coffee stain, red wine stain and others.

Soap and water mixture – soap can solve multiple problems. Even soap can help us to remove stains from the carpet. First  you need to make a mixture of soap and water in the ratio ¼ . then keep it into a spray bottle. Then slowly spray on the stained area of your carpet. Here are two things you must keep in mind – one is the proper ratio, second is the water should be warm and lastly do not spread the water , sparkle it. Spreading the water will extend the stains more.

Use cloth – first of all , you shouldn’t ignore stains on your carpet or anywhere at all. You should treat that as soon as you see it. The more you let it sit, the deeper it will damage your carpet. So, if we talk about first aid, use a cloth to remove it. Remember do not use water on the stains. The reason we have discussed already. Once you place a towel kind of cloth on the stain, let it be there overnight and in the morning remove that or it would be better if you can iron that place on the towel. It will remove the stains , almost it all. However if you think it will be removed totally , no it won’t.

Vinegar solution- not only stains, vinegar can help us remove even molds as well. Whether it is your carpet or anything else, vinegar will always show it’s magic. All you need to do, make a mixture out of it. Mix the vinegar with water in the ratio 2/4 then sparkle it on the stains. Let it be there for a few hours, then vacuum it. Repeat the same process twice or thrice in a day, you will see a huge difference.


Well, you may read online or hear from people that you can remove the stains by yourself, but it is not the truth. You can apply some first aid for sure but you can not remove the stain totally . especially when it comes to coffee stains and red wine stains. It is next to impossible. On the note you must go for professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth. You can get the service easily .

Denaye is a frontline cleaner in Perth. Whether it was a pandemic situation or in the normal days, his prime focus has always been to serve the people with numerous ways of carpet cleaning and related things